May - Magenta Foundation was the first Dutch antiracism organization on Internet and we were immediately confronted with racist expressions in the newsgroups of Free provider The Digital City (DDS).

March/April - Sarajevo Calling. In this period Magenta organized, together with the Friends of La Benevolencija Sarajevo Foundation, 'Sarajevo Calling', an action for emergency aid to the citizens of Sarajevo. All A&P supermarkets in Holland and 36 De Boer Super markets were involved. Tens of thousands articles were collected. A TV commercial to announce the action, presented by Dutch TV personality Diewertje Blok, was broadcasted for free every day for one week by all Dutch local and regional stations, Migrant Television Amsterdam and MTV Europe. Companies donated goods including 100.000 multi vitamin pills and 1000 spectacle lenses.


Pharmacists without Frontiers donated 20 cubic meters of special bandages for burn wounds, operation masks, operation coats, gloves and other much needed hospital gear. Several Dutch transport firms brought all the goods to our huge donated storagespace, where volunteers wrapped and packed everything ready for transport. At the end of April the motor transport group of the Dutch Royal Airforce transported all 65 tons of aid to Ancona in Italy, from where UNHCR took over. Due to a blockade of Sarajevo Airport, the aid finally reached Sarajevo in November. When the La Benevolencija truck rolled into town, they brought the first food and medicine to enter the city in 3 months. 16 September - The big debate at Damsquare.

In the framework of administrative renewal and to improve interaction between citizens and local authorities Magenta organised an open-air debate on Damsquare. City counselors, aldermen, civil society organisations and inhabitants of Amsterdam discussed five topics including migration, youth, and the environment.