In March 1996, Magenta Foundation invited Jane Elliott, famous for the Brown Eyes Blue Eyes exercise, to the Netherlands to train a number of people in this method. Preceding the training a workshop was held with a broad range of participants; politicians, policemen, civil servants and thecomplaints Bureau staff. Together with Jane Elliot, Magenta Foundation created a specific version of Brown Eyes Blue Eyes, geared towards the Dutch situation, to use during our sailing educational project.

'Door Elkaar, Voor Elkaar' (the Boat Project) took place from May 20 to June 22, 1996. School Without Racism and Magenta Foundation organised the Sailing Educational Project to educate the public and youth about racism, discrimination and intolerance. During five weeks, the coaster 'The Seastar' sailed the inner waterways of the Netherlands, calling in 25 ports. Onboard was a broad range of activities for students from age 12 on. The material (exhibitions, films, interactive games and the first sailing Internet connection) was designed to combat discriminatory ideas and stimulate tolerance. 3000 students visited the ship and were also introduced to the Brown Eyes Blue Eyes exercise. More on this project can be found on the old project site.