Changing Room

How to get involved

Oftentimes we hear people say, ‘but how can I change anything, I’m only one person!’ Well, we all have met one or more persons in our lives that changed the way we looked at things, or made us change our behavior. It happens all the time. Moreover, during the elections every few years we also cast our one vote that can dramatically change a country, or the world, even.

If you want to support and defend Human Rights, fight discrimination, create a better world, you can get involved right away by looking at your direct environment, at your workplace, your neighborhood, your family and friends. If you see injustice, bias, prejudice, talk to the people who are promoting it or keeping it in place. Raise awareness on these issues.

Inform yourself about Human Rights and discrimination. There are many great sources on the web. Have a look here.

When you are ready to do more, find a group that works on Human Rights or anti-discrimination and become a volunteer. Help them do their job. Or simply donate something so they can keep doing their work.

Be weary of groups that promote a better society without racism and discrimination. Groups like that often have a political ideology. There are no Political systems that prevent discrimination, racism, antisemitism or Human Rights violations.