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Your donation is essential to help us achieve our mission. Any contribution will allow us to move one step further in fighting discrimination and defend human rights Select the products you want to purchase and pay for them here.

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Shopping List

Keep us stocked up on coffee for a month 25 Euro
Enable us to help people develop ideas (for one hour) 50 Euro
Pay for our internet connection for one month 100 Euro
Have 10 racist messages removed from the Internet 200 Euro
Enable one day of ICARE Reporting on an event 300 Euro
Support one month of news feed (in 3 languages) 400 Euro
Keep our office up and running for one week 500 Euro


How to pay

We're working on an automated payment system. In the meantime, you can do it the old-fashioned way, by bank transfer:

Stichting Magenta Projects

Account Number: 189687

Name and address of bank: Postbank N.V. - Bijlmerdreef 109

1009 CD Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Swift code: BIC: PSTBNL21


Your donation is most welcome!