Welcome to Magenta’s 24/7 Non-commercial store. Magenta is a non-governmental organization that offers you a free idea: an inclusive society. All Magenta’s products are available in our online store. Here you can learn about our work, test the ideas and even take them home with you in a bag. Magenta’s products are ethically inspired, naturally produced and honestly advertised. Most of all, they are exclusively tested on People. If you want to get involved, just pick an idea and put it in your mind.


Magenta was founded in 1992 and in 1994 it was the first organization fighting discrimination on and through the Internet. Today Magenta is still known for introducing groundbreaking projects, which makes it the focal point for other NGOs to learn from. Magenta is practical and non-ideological, and its main characteristic is to think outside the box and take risks. But being innovative and willing to take initiatives is not enough to break new ground: it takes a great deal of determination and commitment. It is this genuine entrepreneurial drive and dedication that makes Magenta a pioneer. Our driving force is the fight against racism and for Human Rights and we try to realize this through innovative or intersectional projects, coalitions and support of other groups or initiatives. We work with anybody who is in favor of anti-racism, anti-discrimination and Human Rights, and in favor of democracy and non-violence. We do not do ideology; we do not think certain political systems create a world without racism. Everybody has a personal responsibility to make this a better world, period.


Magenta is a foundation that aims to combat racism and other forms of discrimination primarily on and through the Internet.


The board of Magenta Foundation consists of:
Mr. Drs. Brieuc-Yves Cadat - Chair
Ms. Suzette Bronkhorst - Secretary
Mr. Onno Rodbard - Treasurer

In memoriam Don (Donald Ellis) Jongejans (11 july 1947 - 26 june 2000)